Antarctica is the planet’s last untouched continent. Coming here, seeing the endless white landscape and hearing nothing but nature’s silence is a powerful experience. Its oceans are unimaginably rich in bird and marine life and it’s surreal and haunting landscapes are like nothing else on Earth.

Peaceful nature on the great white continent, Antarctica
Antarctica is an endless white wilderness full of fantastic impressions of nature and wildlife. We sail in the wake of the historical explorers as we journey from Argentina. We will learn the history of these great explorers as we travel in their footsteps and see the landscape as they saw it; unchanged, remote and awe-inspiring. You can explore this last wilderness from MS Fram, one of the most advanced expedition ships ever built.

As the only continent devoid of permanent human inhabitants, Antarctica is dedicated to science and peace. It is the coldest, driest, highest and cleanest continent on Earth, but in spite of all the snow and ice Antarctica is also teeming with life. It is home to millions of penguins, thousands of seals and is a rich feeding area for large numbers of whales that visit in the austral summer.

During the crossing of the Drake Passage, our Expedition Team will give a series of lectures about the areas we will visit and wildlife we may encounter. When we near the peninsula, you may see giant tabular icebergs, whole groups of penguins swimming out to sea to hunt for krill, or torpedo-like leopard seals patrolling the shorelines. Hurtigruten offer five different voyages in and around Antarctica, and we look forward to taking you on the journey of a lifetime.